Nowadays most people need a mean of communication in order to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings by written characters and letters, even more in our current digital era.

The general concept of translation consists in re-expressing (or rewriting) a text from one language into another language without missing the main meaning of that idea, in other words, it’s about decoding a text without missing the «essence» of the original message. It may sounds simple, but in some cases, it’s not an easy task.

Every professional translator/linguist must know about culture, about linguistics, and also about context (pragmatics).

According to my experience as a translator, the key factors to considerate in order to make a good translation (regardless the specialization area) are the following:

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  • Good knowledge of the source and of the target language.
  • Good knowledge of the vocabulary of the text.
  • Good grammar of the language.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Consulting updated and specialized dictionaries.
  • Doing research about the main topic.
  • Understanding the context and the audience of the text.
  • Making a final check (proofreading / final eye).

In conclusion, it’s remarkable to say that no translation is «perfect», and that it can always be improved in several ways. In a multicultural and a globalized world of today, a good translation is very important in order to avoid misunderstandings and also to build better communications worldwide. That’s why translators still have a very important role in the global society. With good translations, better solutions can be provided to clients, organizations, institutions, businesses, and also better human relationships can be built. In my opinion, the main purpose of the translator is to become a bridge between cultures, provide communication solutions, and build a solid peace.

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