About Me

Felix Rigaud is from Caracas, Venezuela. He is a multicultural translator of Venezuelan, American (USA), and French roots. Digital native and internet savvy. He always had a big interest in languages, translation, linguistics, cultures, arts, history, humanities, technology and sciences since he was a child. He is a native Spanish speaker with multilingual skills. He speaks 3 languages at a proficient level (Spanish, English and Portuguese), he also knows and speaks some French, Italian, and Japanese. He took Bachelor’s Degree Studies in Modern Languages and Translation for several years.


Felix has attended Bachelor’s Degree (BA) Studies in
Modern Languages
, majoring in Translation of English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  He also holds a Technical Diploma in
since 2017. Furthermore, he started working as a translator, proofreader, editor, copywriter, and language instructor since 2007 where he discovered and developed
a natural talent in those fields. Additionally, Felix is a member of CONALTI and IAPTI translation associations.
Felix is also a ESL certified teacher with TEFL certification.

Hobbies / Interests

Felix loves reading, writing, translating, editing, research, listen to music, watching movies/series, walking, jogging, taking pictures, drawing, painting, playing sports, sightseeing, outdoor activities, philanthropy, altruism, charity, playing videogames, new technologies, apps, innovations, socialize, help people, meditation, traveling, and learning new things. Due to his mixed origins of Latin American, American (USA), and French ascendancy/roots he is also very fond of Latin American, American (USA), and French cultures. In addition, he has interest in Asian, European, and Mixed cultures. Felix has a cosmopolitan spirit and a global mind.

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