Translations from Spanish into Portuguese of articles of Joya Life, a website focused on jewelry, gems, accessories and wellbeing.


Translations from Spanish into English of content about Kimpus, a website focused on web development, web design and consulting.

A Digital Marketing Agency, SEO or Web Positioning, Branding and Image Consulting on Web 2.0.

Translation of digital content from English into Spanish and Portuguese about communities, education, intercultural interaction, and critical global awareness.

Translation and computational services for a chatbot startup.
Development, upgrading, and improvement of dictionaries for bots.
Outsourcing of translations for companies.

Translation and terminology tasks for WordNet concepts (synsets) from English into other languages.
Linguistic annotations of phrases and multiword expressions for dictionaries/glossaries of a multilingual knowledge repository and semantically-enhanced text comprehension systems.

Translation of digital content from English into Spanish, Italian and Japanese of Stem Cells & Atom Bombs, a website focused on scientific and medical research. 

Translations of content in several languages of Gospel Translations, a website focused on gospel-centered books and articles freely accessible for Christians and peoples of every belief, nation, and language.

Translations of content and articles in several languages of PerMondo, an initiative created and managed by the translation agency, Mondo Agit. Focused to help non-profit organisations or initiatives by translating texts or websites free of charge. 

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